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2010 Shared Definition of Everglades Restoration - August 2011

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After ten years of ongoing monitoring and research on the south Florida ecosystem, a large body of new scientific information is now available, and an effort to employ this knowledge to better articulate the goals and objectives of the CERP is being initiated as part of the CERP adaptive management program.  The goal of the 2010 Shared Definition of Everglades Restoration (Shared Definition) effort is to better define the attributes of a restored ecosystem in order to provide enhanced information for planning, implementation and operation of restoration projects.

The following documents provide more information on the Shared Definition effort:

The Shared Definition effort will be completed in three steps:

1) Scientific Knowledge Gained document

As the science arm of CERP, RECOVER developed the Scientific Knowledge Gained document to summarize the large body of monitoring and research, engineering advances, and modeling tools pertinent to the Everglades and south Florida ecosystem that have become available since 1998. The final version is posted below.


Scientific Knowledge Gained Document

Report coverAugust 2011 - The Final Scientific Knowledge Gained Document

The report is available for download as a complete file or by section below.

This document should be cited as: RECOVER, 2011. Scientific and Technical Knowledge Gained in Everglades Restoration (1999-2009). Restoration Coordination and Verification, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville, FL, and South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, FL.

Download the complete report:

Download by section:
(All files are under400 kb, PDF)


The Scientific Knowledge Gained document was the read-ahead for two public workshops that were held on the west (July 14, 2010) and east (August 4, 2010) coasts of Florida. The purpose of the workshops was for interested parties to discuss the new information and its possible effects on Everglades restoration, which was compiled and included as Appendix A in the final Scientific Knowledge Gained document. The final document is available to agencies and interested parties to provide up-to-date scientific information during the subsequent Shared Definition discussions.

2) Shared Definition Discussions

Additional meetings will be held that include agencies, stakeholders, and the public.  In these meetings the CERP goals and targets will be discussed in light of the best available science, new restoration opportunities since the Yellow Book, and the values of interested parties.  The purpose of these discussions will be to fine tune the goals and targets as needed.

3) Refine Interim Goals and Targets

The information and recommendations developed as a result of the discussions in the second step will feed the third and final step of the Shared Definition effort: to use the refined goals and targets to specify measurable, shorter-term interim goals and targets to guide project teams and other implementers of restoration.

Archived Shared Definition Documents


Public Workshop Documents

14 Jul & 4 Aug 2010 - Public Workshops


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